Teen Mother Choices at Cornerstone Neighbourhood Church is a licensee exists to demonstrate the love of Jesus to young mothers and their children. The purpose is to empower young mothers to become contributing members of their community, while giving the best life start to their children, by addressing their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.   

Teen Mother Choices offers eligible young mothers (up to age 23 upon entry to the program) a Mentor, Goal Setting, Financial Planning & Support, and Counselling & Program Referrals. There are also weekly Lifeskills Workshops™ where moms, children and volunteers enjoy a meal together. Childcare is offered after the meal as different weekly speakers address the five different life roles of a young mom: teenager/young woman, student, employee, seeker and mother.  

TMCCanada – Maple Ridge is a licensee of the TMCInternational program.  
Teen Mother Choices began in the greater Chicago area Chicago area in 1989. Since then TMC has successfully served over 600 young mothers as they have worked towards their goal of independence. In 2007, Teen Mother Choices started an international organization (TMCInternational) to train other groups who desire to serve young mothers in their communities.

To learn more about other Teen Mother Choices licensee programs check out the website: http://www.teenmotherchoices.org/